Nick Young

"If you are a qualified physiotherapist, or about to become one, then we would love to talk to you about hiring you to work within our rapidly growing group of practices"

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Benchmark Physiotherapy Group of Practices is a fast growing, innovative and passionate group of physiotherapy clinics that has been established for nearly 20 years. We have over 30 staff, have 8 clinics and deliver over 40,000 treatment sessions per year. We love to hire physiotherapists who are open and coachable, have an attitude for gratitude and strive for continued excellence.

Here's What We Have For You:
  • Full time and part time employment with a very competitive salary

  • Structured mentoring program depending on your level of experience which lasts for over three years!

  • 6 week intense onboarding program

  • Your own clinical mentor to work under and learn from

  • An excellent work life balance with one full weekday off per week

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